Monday, 14 December 2009

entonation and meaning

when we talk with persons can see in us
  • mood
  • attitud
also when we say something the entonation help us to give at that words the correct mening and the other person can understand the message but the entonation is not the only tool to understand the meanig, the body language is another tool that help and this 2 elements together are know as paralanguage.
for example if we say

  • would you please sit down ( angry)
  • would you please sit down ( friendly)
with the correct entonation and body language the persons who receive the order is going to receive the correct mening and that person is going to react in base of that.

here there are some website where you can look more information. in this page there are a n explanation of a native speaker.

by Maria Paula

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  1. Hi Paula,

    It would have been interesting to know a little more about paralanguage - perhaps you could have explained the differences between your two examples. For example, what intonation and body language would we expect in the angry statement? And in the friendly version?

    Oh, and do note that it is INTONATION, not entonation.