Saturday, 3 October 2009


In the last class we practiced about the noun's and verb's stress, so I found some information to add to the topic, which is more practical than theorical, so I think there is not much to explain, and what I recomend is to practice the stress of the words depending on the context.

What does stress is?

Stress is the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables in a word. The term is also used for similar patterns of phonetic prominence inside syllables, the word accent is sometimes also used with this sense.

The inicial stress derive noun is a phonological process in English, wherein verbs become nouns or adjetives when the stress is moved to the first syllable from a later one usually, but not always, the second.

The following examples will help us:

As a verb, “I hope that won't conFLICT in any way”
As a noun, “there will be no CONflict”

As a verb, “remember to reCORD the show”
As a noun, “I'll keep a RECord of that request”

As a verb. “I won't perMIT that”
As a nun, “we already got a PERmit”

So with this examples we can realize that nouns stress on 1st syllable and verbs stress on 2nd syllable, so simple.
in the case of the word PROTEST, as a noun it has the stress on the first syllable but as a verb it's meaning depends on stress: with the stress on the second syllable it means to raise a protest; on the first it means to participate in a protest, and there are many verbs like this.

So what we all have and need to do is practice and practice the stress of the different words for being able to have a good pronunciation.
I found a good link that I spect will help you all.


  1. You need to add a title and correct this sentence: "What does stress is?"

  2. Thanks Sandra. It would be interesting to see some other examples of words which can be nouns or verbs. It should also be pointed out that although there is frequently a stress difference between nouns and verbs, it doesn't always occur:

    I'll rePLY to his email later. (verb)
    I haven't had any rePLY yet. (noun)